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Seattle Casket Company

Seattle Casket Company

At Affordable Casket Company, you can find an extensive selection of affordably priced caskets for your loved one’s funeral in Seattle. We are the first ‘direct to you’ funeral company that has the exact same caskets as your local funeral home but for a fraction of the price. We understand that funeral costs can quickly add up and that is why we have found a way to offer the lowest priced caskets for families with various budgets. Whether you are looking for a premium quality casket or a simple coffin, we can provide you with the right solutions.

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We make it easy to choose the casket you need without having to meet with a funeral director or arrange a time with other family members. Instead you can browse our catalog and select the casket that best matches your preferences. Planning a funeral doesn’t have to be hard when you choose our simple and convenient casket service. In addition, we ship straight to the funeral home you are working with for the ultimate in convenience.

Don’t get trapped paying thousands for a casket when you can get the same exact one for a much better value. We are focused on making sure that our customers are fully satisfied with our selection of metal and wood caskets. Our professional staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you with making the best selection for your needs.

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We are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions about our affordable caskets. Give us a call for top quality caskets at unbeatable prices by calling us at 1(855) 261-6928 today.