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Portland Casket Company

Portland Casket Company

Affordable Casket Company is on the leading edge of the casket industry offering outstanding quality caskets at affordable prices. We are the first ‘direct to you’ casket company in Portland offering alternatives to the options provided by your local funeral home. In fact, we sell the exact same caskets sold at your local funeral home at a price that will fit within your budget. Choose from our extensive array of metal and wood caskets and get a great value for your loved one’s funeral.

Choose the best casket at an affordable price

Funeral costs continue to rise every year and planning a funeral can quickly become unaffordable. When faced with the various expenses associated with making funeral arrangements, you may be wondering how you can pay for everything. However with the coffin selection we have available, you can save on the cost of purchasing a casket and enjoy lower prices by ordering from us online. We will ship the casket you choose free of charge directly to the funeral home that you are working with.

Save thousands on the price of a casket

When you choose Affordable Casket Company, you will be able to save thousands on the cost of a casket. There is no need to go with the caskets offered at your local funeral home when you have other options available to you. Affordable Casket Company is focused on delivering outstanding value by providing premium caskets at wholesale prices.

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